Cleaning SErvices




Every day, with every step, dirt and bacteria are introduced to carpet and flooring. In commercial environments this can lead to rapid asset depreciation. Steamatic's professional cleaning services can help. 


 A healthy home begins with a healthy indoor environment. Tracked in dirt and soil can become embedded in carpet fibers leading to dark spots and traffic patterns. That's where Steamatic's professional cleaning can make a difference.


Carpet and area rug cleaning

 Steamatic's equipment features super-heated water and powerful vacuums that remove dirt and particles all the way to the base of the carpet fiber. Our re-circulating system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand so it doesn't have a chance to cool down. Powerful vacuums then extract the dirt and water, leaving your carpets clean, soft and odor-free. No harsh chemicals, just results. No soap means no residue to attract dirt later. 

Furniture and drapery cleaning 

 The same hot-water extraction cleaning system that works so well on carpet can be used with phenomenal results on durable fabric upholstery.  Your furniture and draperies can be cleaned in place without being removed from your home. Steamatic recommends professional cleaning every six months to extend the life of your furnishings. 

Air duct and dryer vent cleaning 

Steamatic has decades of air duct cleaning and decontamination experience; we lead the industry in solving indoor air quality problems. Our cleaning procedures conform strictly to the high standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Our technicians are fully trained in the latest techniques, and equipped with state of the art equipment to perform the most thorough cleaning to ensure the healthiest environment possible for your family or your facility. 

Hard surface cleaning 

Steamatic offers state-of-the-art equipment and surface appropriate cleaning products for ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, stone, marble, granite and all types of grouts.